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Meet municipal social network where citizens, businesses, and administration have the means to interact with the city!

“This is not just a website and much more than a new pretty page.”


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Liberty Tax

one of the biggest US franchise corporation, is a Synergy powered community

Liberty Tax® is a family of dreamers and doers, each from different backgrounds, but all with the same goals: to live life on their own terms and thrive financially to support themselves, their loved ones, and their community.

Liberty Tax Network is the place where our family members communicate with each other and share experience to achieve those goals and for support.


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More than 200 companies are looking for talents through Synergy

Viola, $3B asset investment group, is looking for specialists for more than 200 associate companies on their job portal

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Kyiv Smart City Forum

Kyiv Smart City Forum is one of the main events of Eastern Europe and a unique meeting place for the smart cities

Government and public representatives, entrepreneurs, experts and urbanists are networking via Synergy event mobile app

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