Connect People and Ideas

Branded portal as a core of your corporate culture and business processes

Working Groups


Create groups, manage projects by

sharing your docs with built-in tools

Better onboarding, communication,

and employee engagement for your


              Documents and

              File Storage



                       Cloud document and files storage
                       is a necessity for remote teams

                       Collaboration is easy matter where 

                       your teammates are located!

              Build-in Group Chat

              & Video Calling

             All set for a productive team collaboration.

                       No need in multiple tools anymore!

              Corporate Events


It's time to get creative to make your events standout with a mobile app, gamification and guests



           Set up goals, launch challenges and

           create better employee engagement!




                     Let employees use points from gamification

                     challenges in your own marketplace

        Job Board


              Your corporate job board is a tool to

              increase the employer brand awareness

              and attract the best candidates!

Let us share some ideas for your
Corporate Social Network!