Build your own social
network for citizens

Find new initiatives, activists and resources to

make your city better. Online hub with all

communications in one place!

Chats & Streams are

the new reality

Provide your citizens with convenient

communication tool between

residents, businesses, and city


Online services for more efficient governance

Build a powerful online system which

allows your citizens send feedback,

report issues, and get quick access to all

important information. Everything in

one place!

Help business to be

find localy!

Digital community business

platform - it's where people search

for information about products, services,

and find business partners.

Let citizens know that you

have the best job offer ever

for them!

Help businesses to find awesome

employees on a trusted city platform.

Push Notifications

Inform commuinity about regular or

emergency cases immediately!

City Events

Online-event platform for your community

to plan amazing activities. Both online & offline.


Gamification is the "invisible power" which drives

your online city community! It makes time in your

city more enjoyable for tourists and attract new

customers to local businesses.

Let us share some ideas

for your smart social