Online Conference Solution

Turn your offline events into an online virtual conference!

Agenda Speakers,

Partners & Sponsors

Keep participants informed with event

information! Share all important event

information with participants about agenda,

speakers, sponsors, exhibitors via branded

mobile application.

Event Content

By recording the delivery of your online

conference, this is a great opportunity to take

that content and repurpose it into different digital

formats for further usage

-  Podcasts

-  Blog Posts

-  Presentations

-  Articles, etc

Questions & Polling

Energize your audience!


This is when facilitation is key so that people see

their efforts to engage are being picked up and

turns what can be an event where people are

silent and watching a video, into an engaging and

interactive experience where many people get the 

same benefits as offline event.

Make the sessions as interactive as possible by

questions and polling your audience in real time.



A lot of the value from attending events and

conferences comes from the networking and

coming together of professionals, swapping news,

updates and other info. Give participants the right

tool for communication!


There are many options to monetize an online with

our built-in tools and features.

- Advertising

- Member Subscribtions for community

- Tickets

- Leadgeneration

 Don't miss an opportunity



Turn on your audience into Community

and keep networking with them via own

digital social network and branded

mobile application.

Online events are outstanding opportunities to learn and network.
Create engaging online events that connect people around the world!