Build Your Own Digital

    Platform for Association!



Onboard new members easily

with a set of ready-to-use modules!

- Membership Packages

- Payment Gateways

- Invoicing

- Intro Videos

- Profiles & Association Directory Data

- 30+other modules


Create an Online

Networking for

Your Events!

Utilizing our full private network to support

multiple events not only creates administrative

efficiency, but also builds community engagement

and creates ongoing networking opportunities for

the community and its members.

Make engaging online and offline events

that connect people around the world!

Single Financial

System for Managing

Online Sales

"As a result of the positive experience with the

the branded mobile application 64% of users

will make purchases via the app"


The Brand App Experience: Value, Purpose

and Brand Loyalty, a report from WillowTree 


You work with creating specific content for a 

specific audience to generate a specific result.

E-commerce is the Result of your hard work! Sell

event tickets, membership packages, goods and

services to your community via your own

branded e-commerce marketplace.

Find a Place for



Synergy gives associations members the
opportunity to promote their products and services via marketplace. Your association could bring members together by helping to find the right business partners.

Your Own Ad Network

The Synergy Network provides a robust ad

network which allows self-serve functionality

of advertisements across individual event

applications as well as across the network.

This creates an additional revenue stream

and creative opportunities for the association.

             Content Management


                 Easy create and manage your content

                  in one place!

                  Maintain connections and community

                  during, between, and after events with

                  great content.

Every Tool Needed by Today's Associations 

Over 30+ unique features can be individually selected to tailor a custom configuration, ensuring both a

completely unique experience for your association and for each event. Additionally, we can personalize

the mobile experience further, so each attendee has access to customized agendas, individual

meetings, private social events and secure networking features.