Remote Corporate Office Environment 

All-in-one solution to empower your remote teams & employees to

communicate and achieve.

Corporate Messenger

  • Create a conversation group for a project, topic or team
  • Groups can be extended to companies outside your organization
  • One-to-one messages can be sent for direct communications
  • There’s no limit to the number or scope of the conversations

You are always only a click away from engaging!

Video Calls & Conferences

Encourage teams to meet regularly via video conference, as these virtual face-to-face meetings can help build a sense of community and familiarity.

Task Management System

Building trust and transparency is of vital importance for all remote contributors.

Being transparent will build trust for all parties. You will build trust by being transparent about tasks and expectations, timelines and statuses.


Customer Relationship Management system will allow your team members to track all of the client contacts and activities. A CRM system can monitor sales leads, activity, progress and outcomes.

Calendar for Scheduling

Appointments and Events
on Your Mobile Calendar

Meetings are critical for morale. It's easy to schedule one-on-one meetings with every team member in online calendar. They make workers feel valued and are
an opportunity to give feedback on work performance.

Documents and
File Storage

Cloud documents and file storage
is a necessity for remote teams.

Collaboration is easy no matter where your teammates are located!


Engage colleagues with contests and games!

Get creative with the goals that you have established for your remote workers. Set engaging objectives that foster a sense of community and personal growth beyond raw quotas and sales numbers.

Efficiency Monitoring Tools

Providing flexible work schedules might give your workforce more freedom, but can also provide distractions. When your office is also your home, it’s easy to let boundaries blur. So how do you make sure your employees stay productive?

  • Push notifications to inform about plans and tasks
  • Messages with delivery tracking
  • Task completion reminders
  • Summary reports and many other features

Runs in any Web Browser, any Device

When you overcome the challenges, you'll enjoy the rewards of leading a cohesive team.

Mastering a remote office environment, provides the rewards of a master team.